John Otander

Open a Bundled Gem in Sublime Text

Bundler provides a wonderful command to find the location of a bundled gem. For example, if I wanted to see the location of the gem rspec, I could do the following:

$ bundle show rspec
# => /Users/johnotander/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.1/gems/rspec-2.14.1

However, I wanted to make it just as simple to open the gem in Sublime Text. So I wrote the following bash function:

function gs () {
  st $( bundle show $1 )

This function can be placed in your Zsh config, .zshrc.

Just like that, I can now open up the source with:

$ gs rspec



You can use the $ bundle open rspec command which uses your $EDITOR environment variable, but it will be deprecating in future versions of bundler.

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