2020, the year of the interactive blog post

Component frameworks like React and Vue have become the norm in frontend development. We're also seeing the pendulum swing to self-hosted platforms as folks grow frustrated with walled gardens like Medium. I think this is a great thing because it gives folks more flexibility with their tooling which means more freedom for creative expression.

Also, I'm biased, but I think formats like MDX help to promote a different of thinking about long form content in a more approachable way.

Originally, MDX was mostly built for interactive documentation. It wasn't until shortly after that we saw it start to see adoption on blogs in order to embed components.

This was surprising because it's easy to develop tunnel vision when working on a particular application of a project. However, the thin contract MDX exposes between Markdown and JSX has a ton of potential for interactive and immersive content.

MDX has some positive implications when it comes to long form content because you can show and tell.


In 2019 we saw some interactive posts get buzz on tech Twitter, and I'm hoping for even more during 2020.

As we realize how effective interaction and scrollytelling can be, and how authoring technology is catching up, we will probably see a lot more content in this category. I'm excited.

Some amazing interactive and scrollytelling posts:

Did you write an interactive post or encounter one?

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