Docs feedback

The following feedback was received during some user interviews with a handful of folks with varying MDX and front-end experience.

User 1

  • Why not what narrative
  • "in one place" => "to all child documents"
  • Remove <> syntax in examples, use known html entities like <main>
  • define authorable format
  • "Component era" sounds like hype language
  • Code editor isn't obvious it's editable
  • Getting Started is too long, separate
    • Getting Started
    • Syntax => Usage
  • Exports: "it's" => "this"

User 2

  • Live editor isn't obviously editable
    • maybe make it side by side
  • Unable to find getting started
  • Working with components section needs comments to describe code

User 3

  • Demo is helpful, but hidden
  • Customizable feature bullet point is confusing
    • "Customize the display of each Markdown element (# => <Heading.H1)"
  • Embed video in why?
  • In "try to make the text green" make the solution togglable
  • Make all code blocks interactive?
  • Use getting started to introduce concepts, link to advanced section for deep dives (like exports)
  • Add tutorial section