📚 Blocks

This is an idea right now that I'm only working on here and there. If you're interested on hacking on this project with us, let me know!

Empowering authors to write dynamic, engaging, and immersive content without leaving their editor

Blocks is a rich text editor with all the capabilities of components thanks to MDX. It's a powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) built for the content web. You can choose a block from an ever-expanding library or even install your own from npm.

What is a block?

A block refers to a piece of content or a component. It's a section of your content while a document is a collection of blocks.

Blocks can be simple like a paragraph of text or even a box with a tomato background color. Blocks can be complex like an embedded spreadsheet or a chart that fetches live data.

See it in action



  • 📸Customizable: Render your own components, or choose your favorite theme
  • 📨Open and authorable: Underneath it's MDX, not a JSON schema or HTML
  • 🔐Zero lock in: You own your content, Blocks just makes it nicer to edit
  • 🖼WYSIWYG: See what will be published in real time


The default editor offers an extensive library of pre-made blocks:

  • checklist
  • link unfurl
  • tables
  • spreadsheet
  • image gallery
  • twitter card
  • instagram card
  • syntax highlighting
  • live editor playground
  • github issue
  • github gist
  • github interlinking (between documents in the same repo)
  • text highlighting
  • text coloring
  • bar chart
  • area chart
  • donut chart
  • progress bar

How does it work?

Technically speaking, it is a block-based editor backed by MDX and the React ecosystem. The editor is embedded into a GitHub compatible CMS powered by Netlify Identity and Gatsby. When you edit a document it's automatically synced to GitHub as a commit giving you a full history of all edits.

Blocks maintains no server side element and never sees your data. You own your content.