Extending Gatsby plugins

For most low-level use cases you might have in Gatsby, there will already be a plugin, but sometimes you want to extend it with a specific need. Since Gatsby plugins are node modules, you can extend existing packages in a straightforward way.

Why would you do this?

Extending an existing plugin that performs a non-trivial task is useful because you can avoid duplicating the library's code and opt in to bug fixes down the road. Many plugins often only expose a lifecycle function or two so you can proxy them along and layer in new functionality.

Real world use case

Most of my site's built with Gatsby have a need to be able to set redirects. This is a bit tricky if you're not using a static host (like Netlify) which handles them for you. For example, if you're using GitHub Pages you will have to write an HTML file that performs the redirect:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='/new-url/'" />

Naturally, there's a plugin, gatsby-plugin-meta-redirect that does this. Though for my use case I want to add a bit more functionality. I want to be able to also declare a redirects.json file where I can specify all the redirects I want to have created in the root directory. To achieve this I began building a plugin, gatsby-plugin-redirects, to do this.

New functionality

For my desired functionality I can expose a createPages lifecycle method, check for the existence of the file, and then call createRedirect for each entry:

// gatsby-node.js
const fs = require('fs')

const FILE_NAME = './redirects.json'

const fileExists = filePath => {
  try {
    if (fs.existsSync(filePath)) {
      return true
  } catch (_) {
    return false

exports.createPages = ({ actions }) => {
  const { createRedirect } = actions

  if (fileExists(FILE_NAME)) {
    const redirects = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(FILE_NAME, 'utf8'))

    redirects.map(redirect => {
        fromPath: redirect.from,
        toPath: redirect.to,
        isPermanent: true

This is nice, however, it still doesn't handle the creation of the HTML pages that gatsby-plugin-meta-redirect does. I also don't want to have to install both plugins and add to my gatsby-config. So this is where we can proxy the meta redirect plugin functionality.

Extending a plugin

To do this I add the plugin as a dependency:

yarn add gatsby-plugin-meta-redirect

Then import the lifecycle method that it uses and export it directly:

const { onPostBuild } = require('gatsby-plugin-meta-redirect/gatsby-node')

// ...

exports.onPostBuild = onPostBuild

Now, redirects.json is read in and static, HTML redirects are created for each entry.


Now I have a simple library I can share amongst my projects that requires a quick workflow to get up and running:

See the repo: https://github.com/johno/gatsby-plugin-redirects